Walkout Song DJ App Reviews

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Keep working on this- it can be great

Finally! Somebody has come out with an APP for this sort of thing. Right now it is a little "BUGGY". I have had to restart my iPad (which is a newer model) multiple times when importing songs because the app becomes unresponsive. Love the idea that it will announce players. Wish you could choose an option to have player announced first and then it would cue their audio clip. Also wish there were some appropriate sound effects that it came with. Lastly, a way to import audio clips from YouTube, especially for movie clips! Thanks for coming out with this- its just a few steps away from being truly great!

Just what we needed

This app was perfect for my sons team. They were all able to select the songs they wanted to use for their walk outs and we easily purchased them from Itunes and added them into the app. Its extremely easy to use during games. Great purchase!

Idea is good, execution not so much

The interface is difficult, icons small and occasionally not responsive. Some strange problems adding songs from my library. After repeatedly trying and fighting with the app I got everything done and ready for the game, but it took a very long time. This is one of the most expensive apps Ive bought so I was surprised to see how much more work it needed. Not really any other options, so you just have to deal with it I guess.

Great app

This is a great app. I use it for everything from our Mosquito Division up to our local college level team. Easy to use and adds a really nice touch to all our home games. I recommend it for any minor baseball association.

Pretty good

Many features and tools to tweak exactly what part of the song you want. Sometimes my phone crashes when programming songs, though. Id love to see a functionality where song clips and lineups could be shared between teammates phones

Good but really no alternative

Serves its purpose but the interface is very difficult to work with. My favorite feature is that it greys out the songs you already played during inning breaks. The drawback is that you have to manually add every song from your library rather than it being integrated with it. Theres nothing else out there like it so it is good enough until something professional launches.

Only works for a small number of songs.

Would be useful if I could load more than 20-30 songs. Any more than this and it crashes. Makes the app worthless.

Great App, just what I needed to play walkout songs

I love this app and hope the developer will continue to add features. I would love it if the walkout songs faded out like they were supposed to. I agree that adding a manual fade out button would be a huge feature. That way if the batter is quicker than expected you hit a "fade out button" without having to use your mixer. Thanks for making this app!

Great app!!!!

Add one more catagory. A postgame song playlist. Coaches talk to the players and parents are talking to each other. Background music is played. Add that and youve got 10 stars.

This app is awesome!

I had been looking for a way to edit songs to be able to play only a particular part to use as walk up music for my sons HS baseball team but had no luck. I saw an add for this app on MaxPreps and decided what the heck. Needless to say this app does the trick and is very easy to use. I simply dropped in the boys requested songs from my iTunes library and edited them to play the specific parts they wanted. The app has performed flawlessly all season and I couldnt give it a higher recommendation. Great app.

Awesome app

Thank you! For any parent that has team dj duty, this app is awesome. Makes the job easy!


Great app. Does exactly what it needs to!

Great App!

Works great! Would be nice to have a fade-in on inning break and pre-game songs if not starting at the beginning.

Great app!

Just got around to leaving feedback but this app is great! And the developer is awesome. I asked for a couple improvements and it was done right away! Everyone using walkout software HAS to check this out. You WONT be disappointed!

1 major problem

The app would be great except it will not import many of the song I want to use. Songs I have purchased from I Tunes. So only about half my music is available to be used on this app so the app is useless!! Half the music is not enough!!

Awesome app

I dont normally review apps, but I felt I really needed to for this app because its very well done. I wish I had found it before this fall baseball season, but in a month of frequent used, I can honestly say this will make any baseball team DJ life easier. All my files imported without issue and their support website is very helpful. Strongly recommend this app to any parent that plays music for their kids team.

Perfect app for a high school baseball team

I was looking into making an app similar to this but gave up. Luckily I found this app and it is very easy to use. Not many bugs, and the interface is fairly simple. There are a few things I would change, but this is by far much better than what I would have come up with. Buy this app...worth the money

Just So-So

I coach high school softball. Thought this would be a great app for my home games. Unfortunately the music sounds distorted when I play it through this app. Sounds great through iTunes but distorted through this app. Needs some fine tuning.


This is a great app that makes playing walk up songs and music for inning breaks very easy. You can stay focused on watching the game and not stressed about switching songs and finding the start and end time. Songs are clipped easily and put in the line up. From: Just a mom in the stands and not a tech savvy DJ.

Just what we needed for Little League

We work the announcer / DJ booth for several Little League teams and have been scratching our head trying to find a decent music app. Thankfully we just found Walkout Song DJ. You can tell a lot of thought went into the app, both by using it and reading through the support forum. We especially like the “one button click” between modes (Walkout, Inning Break, Situational, Pre-game). Our kids are a bit young and they don’t have individual walkout songs (yet :-)). But we have oodles of ad-hoc tunes. So we use BOTH the Walkout and Situational modes to help us better organize the ad-hoc stuff. Nice job and thanks for the app!

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