Walkout Song DJ App Reviews

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Idea is good, execution not so much

The interface is difficult, icons small and occasionally not responsive. Some strange problems adding songs from my library. After repeatedly trying and fighting with the app I got everything done and ready for the game, but it took a very long time. This is one of the most expensive apps Ive bought so I was surprised to see how much more work it needed. Not really any other options, so you just have to deal with it I guess.

Just what we needed

This app was perfect for my sons team. They were all able to select the songs they wanted to use for their walk outs and we easily purchased them from Itunes and added them into the app. Its extremely easy to use during games. Great purchase!

Keep working on this- it can be great

Finally! Somebody has come out with an APP for this sort of thing. Right now it is a little "BUGGY". I have had to restart my iPad (which is a newer model) multiple times when importing songs because the app becomes unresponsive. Love the idea that it will announce players. Wish you could choose an option to have player announced first and then it would cue their audio clip. Also wish there were some appropriate sound effects that it came with. Lastly, a way to import audio clips from YouTube, especially for movie clips! Thanks for coming out with this- its just a few steps away from being truly great!

Pretty good

Many features and tools to tweak exactly what part of the song you want. Sometimes my phone crashes when programming songs, though. Id love to see a functionality where song clips and lineups could be shared between teammates phones

Good but really no alternative

Serves its purpose but the interface is very difficult to work with. My favorite feature is that it greys out the songs you already played during inning breaks. The drawback is that you have to manually add every song from your library rather than it being integrated with it. Theres nothing else out there like it so it is good enough until something professional launches.

Pretty Handy App

Love this for softball season! Works great! The only reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact that when you edit a section you have to continuously push the button to get it to the right time instead of a simple click and drag option.

Easy to use

Love it! Had to come up with walkout songs last minute and be able to cut them to the time allotted. This app made it so easy. Only wish I could choose songs from other apps besides iTunes. Couple of players chose songs that are not on iTunes.

Awesome App Im so happy I found this and so are my baseball players! Easy to use and no glitches!

A great great app! For ppl who play walk up music for games! Easy to use and super smart! Thank you for this!

Awesome app!

Very easy to use

Crashes when......

When I upgraded to new iOS (9.3) the app crashes when trying to change voice. Apart for the crash great app. The kids love it at at the ball park.


The voice for personalizing the batter up is SUPER robotic. I tried several different "voices" but the next was always worse than the previous. The pronunciation of names was always off as well. It would be really cool if you could pre-record your own voice to do the names. It is useful as far as having the songs play for a certain amount of seconds and the fact that you can choose what part of the song you want to hear.

Ez to use

Ez to make but the voices are terrible. Sounds like a robot. Need to be pumped up

Love it!!!

Easy to use. Great for walk up!

The only app of its kind

Purchased this without any reviews to give it a try with our travel ball team. It has been a huge success and makes life very easy! Highly recommended to anyone that is involved in team sports!

Concept great but app not

I am really disappointed. This app has perfect concept but keeps crashing, freezing up, and very slow. If that can be fixed then I will love it.

Love this app!!

Perfect app for walkout songs! Its always a hit!

Bring back precise length!!

Been using for over a year. Really loved the app. Wish I didnt update. Used to be able to trim songs down perfectly, now its very difficult to get the exact cut from the song that you like. Please add it back!!

Protected songs

Most songs have copy rights protection and you cant use on this app. Frustrating!

Great app

This is a great app. I use it for everything from our Mosquito Division up to our local college level team. Easy to use and adds a really nice touch to all our home games. I recommend it for any minor baseball association.

Awesome App

Recently used this app for annual fund-raising baseball game. Super easy to load, use, and a real crowd pleaser!

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